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Classic Window Tinting, LLC (Classic) is the Greensboro Triad's premier Residential & Commercial Window Tinting CompanyServing Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem NC.  

Classic Window Tinting has been in business for 24 years and remained committed to excellence beyond your expectations. We have some old fashion principles of serving the Customer First !  Its employees second and the belief that the byproduct of doing so will allow use to remain profitable  

Summer 2016

Due to the state of our nations economy. Classic is not raising our prices this year, eventhough our Top Quality films have increased 20% over the past few of years. WE believe it is the RIGHT thing to do, for everyone. We would rather make less, while continuing to give you our TOP Quality products, than for you to choose another company based on the Cheapest Price. All window films ate NOT the same. We carry only the very best money can buy because after 24 years in business, we have NEVER had to redo a single window because of poor quality film or improper installation. You are free to talk to our customers for yourself to verify our high standards. 

Please give me 1 minute to explain....

My name is John Henry Bohlken. I was born in raised in the Greensboro Triad and have tinted 1000's of homes for customers. I understand that everyone wants the highest return on their investment.. And in this economy, we are all looking for the Cheapest Price rather than the best return on our investment.

We are highly referred by our past customers because we do exactly what we say we are going to do. Per their permission, you may contact them to know why they are so satisfied with our Craftsmanship.

At Classic Window Tinting

1. The Owner "John Henry" is the lead Installer on all jobs. 

2. Classic is 100% legitimate, Licensed and Insured for $2 Million Dollars, and we have never had an insurance claim.

3. CLASSIC is 100% drug free and none of it's owners or associates have ever committed a crime, Which frankly is not the norm in this industry. Other companies hire a clean cut salesman but the installation crew looks completely different. I would not feel comfortable letting other companies employees, work in a room of my house unsupervised. Sadly, it is the reality.  

WE want your business!!!

Please look through our web site and give us a call for a FREE estimate. 

Our staff, enjoys being at your service and we are dedicated to helping you protect and preserve your home.  We are blessed to have your consideration and look forward to helping you find the best solution, even if that means we don't earn your business, we'll gladly help you find the right solution for your project.

Why Is Classic the Best?

First ... We only sell the Highest Quality Films.

Second ... 50% Savings in Labor costs without sacrificing QUALITY  

Third... We take Window Preparation for installations* to the extreme.


CALL JOHN HENRY @ 336-508-TINT (8468)


*We take great care in preparing the window prior to the film installation. We clean the whole window including the frame, seal, and remove all excess caulking to insure no harmful debris gets caught in the film during installation. In addition, CWT is the ONLY Company that freehand cuts all edges. This attention to detail, although very difficult, often makes the film's edge nearly invisible on vinyl and aluminum framed windows. On wood frames we go one step further by cleaning and scraping off the paint that the painters left behind, on the edges of the glass, to give you the cleanest installation possible. 

Call John Henry @ 336-508-TINT (8468)


Listed Below are our recommended Films
Over the years, Classic Window Tinting has tested and tried every film on the market, in order to remain the best Company in the industry. Meaning, we never assume that we know it all, and are always willing to learn and grow with technology. Its a good thing, because we have the exclusive rights to Advanced Ceramic and Advanced Nano Technology Films.
The films we choose are:
Our Basic line of Film is our industries Standard Product line.  We only use Johnsons Window Films for our contractors and homeowners on an extremely tight budget. This film is as good as any other standard lifetime warranty film, including Llumar, 3M, Solar Gard, or Vista.  Johnson's and now Sun Tec have stood the test of time and will not fail. These films are used 10% of the time by our homeowners, and 75% of the time with contractors. They lack some curb appeal and optical clarity but will provide a good energy savings at a low price point.

Our Better Line of Film is  Madico and Sun Tek - These films are awesome and are used by over 50% of our customers. The film warranty is LIFETIME plus they give a glass breakage and seal failure warranty for 5 years, with the option to add additional coverage as needed. Because of our excellence in the industry, we have been chosen to have exclusive rights to sell Sunscape Select Window Films.

Our Premium Line of Film is Madico's Advanced Ceramic and Sunscape Select. These films are the latest in Nano Technology and we are grateful to have Exclusive rights to these films for all of the piedmont triad. The biggest advantage to using this film is that it has incredible heat rejections plus Infrared Heat rejection which saves you big time on energy WITHOUT changing the Architectural appearance of your home. Your neighbors will hardly notice any change to your home once installed. This is especially important if you want the benefits of the state of the art films, but don't want the hassle of getting the home owner association's approval, to energy star your Home.