After 20+ years of experience working with all types of films, Classic Window Tinting has chosen a select line of films for our Commercial Contractors. We have a wide range of films, from solar to security, and many specialty designers products. Regardless of the films you choose we will not sacrifice quality for the sake of price. We will be happy to submit quick-bids for project managers.

Please note: We treat all of our Home Owners, Business Owners and Contractors in a professional manner and expect the same. With that said, it is our companies policy to require a 50% deposit on all work and the contract must be signed by a registered agent of the company. As with all work we do, the remaining 50% balance is due the same day the work is completed. 

We look forward to doing business with those who value Quality and appreciate that our goal is to provide the cost to benefit ratio that is the BEST VALUE for our customers.

For a Free Estimate Call John Henry @ 336-508-8468