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When choosing a company to do your AUTO Tinting consider this:

As with most things you care more about Price or Quality? The fact is our ultra high performance films and installation techniques will cost you a little more but the difference in overall Quality is Substantial. You can only pick one. If you choose a cheaper price, understand this... First the film will be much thinner and a dyed polyester or dyed hybrid. These cheap films are much easier to heat shrink and install, but these cheap films will fade and bubble in time. Only all metal or ceramic films will never fade, never peel and never bubble up.

Therefore if you want an Ultra High Quality Film that will last a Lifetime guaranteed, we recommend Madico Advanced Ceramic Films.

Read Below for the 6 Reasons to Tint Your Car

There are many reasons to tint your car from protecting against health concerns, safety and privacy reasons, as well as preserving your investment in your car. Listed below are some of the top reasons that people tint their cars.

Avoid Overheating
Custom car tint can block up to 80% of heat-causing infered light.
Your car's interior will be 50% cooler during those hot summer days with proper tinting.

Protect Your Skin
Madico's Ceramic Window Films can block 100% of damaging UV rays.
Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tinting your car is like protecting you and your interior with sunscreen.

Accident Protection
Custom car tint can hold together shattered glass.
In an auto accident, tinting can help shattered glass hold together, protecting the occupants of the car.

Safer Driving
Custom car tint reduces glare while driving.
Tinting reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights, helping you drive safely.

Enhanced Privacy
Custom car tint protects your possessions from prying eyes.
Tinting protects your privacy and contents within a car. What a burglar can't see, he won't steal.

Prevent Cracking and Fading
Custom car tint reduces sun damage and color fading inside your car.
Harmful UV rays and heat cause car upholstery to crack and fade. Car tint is sunscreen for your car.