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Classic Window Tinting started in 1993, after "John Henry", took a part-time job in window tinting to support himself while pursuing a Professional Basketball Career in Orlando, Florida. Late in the NBA Summer workouts, a coaching change occured before he signed a contract and his opportunity end. At this point John Henry, had a choice, take a contract to play professionally in Brazil, that included a Christian Ministry aspect with AIA or pursue window tinting as a full time career. In a  short time, John Henry developed a vision of taking an illegitimate industry and turned it into a respectable Profession.

John Henry started with very little, but reinvested most of his profits into his business and the lives of his staff. John Henry sought to change the whole industry. He grew rapidly by buying existing Window Tinting businesses and restructuring them to meet his standards of excellence. Within a year or 2 years, he owned 6 locations in Central Florida. Everything was great, but his heart longed to be back in Greensboro, NC. So he sold all his stores in Florida and moved back to North Carolina where he opened 3 new window tinting locations in Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salam. Classic blossomed in the NC new market, as a result of his advanced installation techniques and Classic's "Customer first" service. Classic demonstrated such dominance in the Triad, that he forced half of his competition, to seek a differnt career. They just could not compete with is perfect installations and Low prices.

In 2002, Classic Window Tinting, divided the Auto Tinting from the Residental and Commercial Window Tinting, forming 2 separate businesses. Jeff Gill, a former employee, of John henry took over the Auto Tinting portion, now based out of Riedsville NC. So John Henry could concentrate soley on specializing in Residential & Commercial Solar Control, Based out of Greensboro North Carolina.

Spring 2007 Update

Patrick Looney

Patrick has experienced the joys and challenges of being a business owner. Hired to be the companies Chaplain and Nat'l Commercail Account Mgr. Patrick has strong organizational and leadership skills that will be useful as the company grows. Most recently before joining John Henry to expand CWT, Patrick was a chairman with the C12 Group, an executive peer forum for CEOs, presidents, and business owners. Patrick earned a BBA degree in Business Management from the University of Georgia and Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School. His wife is founder of Streams of Mercy Ministries which ministers to teenage girls and women through Bible study and mentoring. His family, wife, Karen, and three daughters, Amanda, Lauren, and Alexis, have lived in the Triad since 2001.