Federal Tax Credit for Home Window Tint

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reinstated federal tax cuts for consumers who make certain energy-efficient improvements to their home.  For 2009, window film has been added to the list of improvements.  Now anyone who has purchased qualifying solar control window film can receive a tax credit.  For those who have not yet purchased film, they still have time. 

Money in Your Pocket
A tax credit is more valuable than a tax deduction.  Tax credits directly reduce your income tax, unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax.  The credit then directly increases the tax refund you receive or decreases the amount you have to pay.  Homeowners can receive a 30 percent credit on the costs of qualified window film, up to $500. Installation charges do not apply.

Two Ways to Save Money
Energy efficiency can lower your federal tax bill and your monthly energy bill.  Heat gained through windows can make up over 40% of your summer cooling costs. Solar control window film reduces heat gain by 83 percent, which lowers your energy bills.

Other Benefits of Window Film
In addition to money savings, window film can increase indoor comfort, reduce fading of your home furnishings, and protect your family against harmful UV rays.  Window film is also energy efficient.  According to the
Alliance to Save Energy, energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, and cleanest way to extend our world’s energy supplies.

There are many benefits of Solar Control window film, also known as Home window tint, which is applied to the interior side of windows. Instead, the primary purpose of solar window film is to deflect the direct sunlight. There are a number of reasons that you might want to do this . .

Window Films lower heating and air conditioning costs, by dramatically reducing the amount of solar heat entering your home. Generate energy savings of up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of sunlit windows installed with film. The more windows you treat, the more energy you'll save!

Window Films improve comfort, by preventing much of the sun's heat from entering through your home's windows. Prevent areas near windows from becoming hot spots, making temperature more uniform throughout your home. Reduce glare and associated eyestrain when viewing your TV or computer screen. Reduce radiant heat loss through windows in cooler climates.

Protect the interior of your house.  Sunlight that comes into the house is phenomenal for fading carpet, drapes and furniture.  The heat from it can also damage electronics and digital items and cause wood to warp.  In addition to its blocking power, solar window film can passively reflect and absorb up to 70% of incoming solar heat which keeps it from entering the house.  Don't put up with damage from "natural elements" inside your home.  Protect your material items, keep them in excellent shape and make them last longer.

Defend the health and comfort of you and your family.  Exposure to direct sunlight is just bad for you.  It can cause deterioration of the skin which leads to premature aging. It can also increased chance of skin cancer.  ome window tint blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light that causes such damage. It is a good idea to control your exposure to sun as much as possible.  Save the sunlight exposure for doing fun things outside.  Protect your home from the vicious rays.

Window Films offer daytime privacy, by allowing you to see out while others can't see in. This provides privacy without pulling blinds or drapes. It lets you enjoy sunlight and enhance outside views, yet does not obstruct vision or distort colors.

Home window tint comes in many different types. If you want to protect the privacy inside your home,  choose a tint with a higher reflective rate. That way, you can see out but others can't see in during the day.  At night it does not ensure as much privacy, so it is good to close the blinds at night after you've enjoyed the view all day!

Some Window Films provide safety and security, by providing Shatter-resistant protection which reduces bodily injuries caused by flying glass, Seal out most wind and water, even when glass is broken. Deters burglary by making unwanted entry more difficult.

Make your home more attractive Home Window Film is part of the Green Energy Movement!  While the primary purpose of solar window film is not a decorative function, it can make your home look better from the outside.  Curb appeal is important to most homeowners.  When decorating the inside of house, you are not going to use curtains that don't match in one room. So, why would the outside of your house show different colors of curtains?

Home window tint increases privacy by blocking or obscuring the view of the things that are inside the house for the exterior (depending on its reflectivity). Solar window film comes in many colors and shades as well so it can complement your home's style.  With the life span of solar window film is about fifteen years, and the payback period of only 3-4 years, home window tint should definitely be considered as the first step to improving privacy, your health, and home energy conservation.

CWT Films have a good Cost to Benefit Ratio,  Whoever is in charge of paying the bills can be a real nag when it comes to outrageous energy bills.  Nobody likes to be told not to turn on the air conditioner when they are really hot.  Home window tint is the solution!  Solar window film decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which make it easier and cheaper to keep the house cool in the summer.  It also has an insulating effect that will keep in the heat in the house during the winter, which will drastically decrease your electrical bill.

Studies have shown that a home that has Advanced ceramic or sputtered window films installed will pay for itself in 2 to 4 years from the HVAC energy savings alone, in addition to preserving your Drapes, Furniture and Floors.

Read more here about available tax credits and cost savings.

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